For the second year in a row, Robbie Ohashi headed back to his alma mater, Washington University in St. Louis, to teach the outgoing third year Doctor of Physical Therapy class. Through a four hour lecture entitled, “Enhancing the Movement System in Sports”, he shared about the Performance in Motion methodology and how we incorporate evaluating and diagnosing the Movement System into our treatments, performance programs, and athlete education.

“I’m always filled with so many emotions when I head into St. Louis and catch that first glimpse of the Arch. Choosing to be at Wash U for PT school was one of best decisions I’ve made. Being surrounded by such an exceptional, dedicated faculty, and amazing classmates, passion for our profession was contagious during my my time there. I feel that same positive energy every time I come back!  It was an honor to be back to share a little about what we do at PIM and remind these future PT superstars how the amazing system they have learned the past 3 years will prepare them to thrive wherever their PT journey takes them.”

With our first two Wash U Doctor of PT students arriving next month, we plan on continuing to keep a very close relationship with the Wash U Physical Therapy program and establishing PIM as a solid center for clinical education. Special thanks to course coordinators and superstar faculty members, Suzy Cornbleet and Mary Kate McDonnell, for the invite and the PT17 class for participating.  Keep moving!