In an effort to establish Performance in Motion as a center for clinical education for the Physical Therapy profession, we are pleased to welcome our first class of Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) students joining us this summer for one of their formal clinical education rotations.

First year DPT students, Erin Patton and Tracy Zhang, both from the Washington University in St. Louis Program in Physical Therapy (ranked #1 by U.S. News & World Report), are already half way through their eight week clinical experience, and the energy they have brought to our clinics has been infectious. “It has been absolutely eye-opening and reaffirming to see the power of movement correction and soft tissue recovery from each dedicated session,” remarks Tracy.

“Working alongside PT students like Erin has always been a great opportunity and honor” says Jacob Brueck PT, DPT, ATC, CSCS, Clinical Coordinator of Clinical Education and Clinical Instructor.  “Students have so much knowledge coming out of the classroom and it’s amazing helping and guiding them through the application of their didactic work to practically using skills in the clinic.  I find I learn just as much from them.”

Clinical instructor, Alexis Griffin PT, DPT, SCS, truly appreciates the unique learning opportunity that clinical education presents.  “While Physical Therapy school itself can be so academically challenging, the clinical internship is where students learn to make practical sense of all the information they acquire in the classroom.  It’s a professional privilege and honor to help facilitate that development for Doctor of Physical Therapy students today.”

We are confident that students like Erin and Tracy will take PIM to the next level and all of us, especially our athletes, will benefit from the collaborative environment they bring.  Erin writes, “Working with the Performance in Motion team has been an incredible experience because I have had the opportunity to witness and learn about the importance of correcting movement patterns in the realm of every day activities and high level sports performance. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn in such a unique environment that emphasizes the importance of directing the treatment of each patient based on their functional and sport specific goals.”

We are very much looking forward to hosting future Physical Therapy students in the years ahead, both with Washington University in St. Louis and other top DPT programs in the nation.  If you are interested in setting up a future clinical education experience with us, please contact Jacob Brueck at