Movement is key to a healthy life.  More specifically, high quality movement is necessary to reach our full capabilities. As Physical Therapists, we are experts in the human movement system and we have the skills required to evaluate and diagnose movement system dysfunction and to help our athletes optimize their movement.

Moving at our best allows us to thrive in both sport and life. However, our movement does not look the exact same across our life time. In our early years, movements are limited by our development of muscle strength and our experience of the world around us.  As we grow, changes in our muscular strength, balance and proprioception, postures, and daily activities further affect the way we move.  Add an injury, a learned faulty movement pattern, or a less than optimal static posture, and our movement is impacted even more. Everyone deserves access to the tools needed to optimize movement at every stage of life.  This is why, at Performance In Motion, we believe that we are lifetime practitioners for our athletes, forming a partnership to promote optimal movement and overall health of the movement system over the years.  This is an intentional departure from the more “traditional” Physical Therapy model where care is delivered in isolated episodes by different practitioners following injury.

Your movement system benefits from the support of a Physical Therapist before injury, after surgery, during the learning of a new movement, during a growth-spurt, during pre-season training, or on your 70thbirthday.  Just as the dentist routinely assesses and oversees that our teeth are able to support our eating, speaking and smiling, Physical Therapists should take an active role in routinely assessing and overseeing the movement system in order to support our walking, running, jumping, sitting, traveling, sleeping, and any other activity that we participate in.

Research has shown that proactive medicine produces better outcomes, and is more cost effective than reactive medicine. Why wait for an injury to occur, when you could be protecting your body throughout the lifespan? In the past, there were several hoops to jump through before a person could see a Physical Therapist, including obtaining a physician’s referral.  Today, many states (including Illinois) allow direct access to Physical Therapy, making it easier for people to access necessary healthcare from a licensed Physical Therapist.  This is great step forward for the overall health and well-being of our population. Which begs the question, what are you waiting for?! In whatever stage of life that you are in, know that a Physical Therapist can help you move better today!


Author: Alexis Griffin PT, DPT, SCS, ATC