Can I use my medical insurance for my visits?

Yes and No. Performance in Motion is a “Cash-based” Physical Therapy practice meaning that at the time of each visit, you are responsible for payment for Physical Therapy or Performance training services. However, you will receive a “superbill” receipt containing all pertinent information required to independently file claims with your respective private insurance company. Because out-of-network PT coverage varies so much from plan to plan, it is your responsibility to inquire with your insurance company about your specific OUT-OF-NETWORK physical therapy benefits and any necessary pre-authorization needed. Our “Insurance Verification for Out-of-Network Physical Therapy Coverage” form will assist you in this process and we are more than willing to answer your questions as well. Please note that Performance Training services are not reimbursable towards private medical insurance and that we are NOT Medicare providers at this time. Our Fee schedule is available upon request.

Do I need a doctor's prescription for Physical Therapy (PT) services?

No. On August 16, 2018, a new law allowing direct access to Physical Therapy services in Illinois was signed. Per the Illinois Physical Therapy Act, PTs are able to see patients without a prescription from a healthcare professional. You can now come directly to Performance in Motion for an evaluation and follow up care as appropriate. Limitations do remain depending on your specific health insurance plan, and must be considered by each patient. Physical Therapists must refer patients to a healthcare professional if the condition is deemed beyond the Physical Therapist’s scope of practice, there is no measurable improvement after 10 visits or 15 business days, or if the patient returns for services with the same condition after 30 calendar days after their initial evaluation.

What should I expect during my first Physical Therapy visit?

Your first visit is an important time for you to get started in the right direction in your rehabilitation journey with us.  During the visit, you and your PT will review your past medical history and current complaints, set specific goals, and then go through an initial evaluation, review the findings and implications, and learn appropriate home exercises.  Plan on being with your PT for 75-90 minutes and wear comfortable gym clothing that allows easily access to the area of the body being evaluated (shorts or easily modified sweat pants, tank tops, t-shirts, sports bras, etc.).  Both facilities have space accessible for changing clothes if needed.

What are your facility hours?

Both of our facilities (River North & West Loop) are open Monday thru Friday and offer appointment times early in the morning (before work) or later in the afternoon (after work) as needed.  Appointment times and availability may vary depending on current patient volume, but we do our best to accommodate as able.

How long will a typical visit be?

You will be one-on-one with your Physical Therapist for the entire duration of each appointment.  Initial evaluations will last roughly 75-90 minutes. A typical follow-up visit will depend on your specific case, but most will last for roughly 60-75 minutes.  Please inquire with your PT after your initial evaluation for a more accurate estimate.

Is there parking available at your facilities?

Yes, there are parking options at each of our facilities.  At our West Loop facility at Wattage, there is street parking on Kinzie St. and several reserved spots in the back of the facility marked “Wattage” that are available for you to use.  At our River North facility at Hifi Fitness, park in the lot next to the building (West of Orleans) or on the surrounding streets.  In the lot, enter “Hifi Fitness” at the kiosk, followed by the coupon code (inquire with us ahead of time for the current code!) for the discounted rate ($8.50 for 2 hours).

Will you work with my personal trainer/agent/team/coach/MD?

Over the years we have built many positive working relationships through collaborating with many of our athlete’s support team members including physicians, personal trainers, athletic trainers, agents, coaches, and more.  Through clear communication and a spirit of teamwork we have found that working closely with each professional has allowed for seamless transitions and optimal results for each athlete involved.

Do you offer a financial assistance program?

At Performance in Motion we make every effort to ensure that financial limitations will not hinder one’s ability to receive our services.  Movement is for everyone and we are proud of our “Athlete Scholarship Program”.  Each of our Physical Therapists reserve slots in their weekly schedule for scholarship athletes to be seen at discounted terms agreed upon by both the athlete and PIM.  If no slots are available, athletes are placed on a waiting list on a “first come, first serve” basis and are contacted when slots become available.  Please inquire with us for more details.

I am a Medicare beneficiary. Can I come to see you?

We are NOT participating providers of the Medicare program at this time. However, we CAN provide care to Medicare beneficiaries for all services NOT covered under Medicare (i.e. – maintenance care, performance training, care beyond medical necessity). In order to remain in full compliance we review each case individually. If you are a Medicare beneficiary seeking our services for Physical Therapy or Performance training, we very much understand how confusing these laws and regulations can be. Please feel free to inquire with us for more details or if you have questions.

Do you provide Performance Training services in addition to Physical Therapy?

Yes we do. Our team has provided Performance Training services beyond traditional Physical Therapy services to athletes of all levels since Performance in Motion began in 2011. Many athletes come to our facilities during their respective off-seasons or throughout their year for post-rehabilitation, prevention, recovery, and/or performance enhancement training. Others simply transition from their formal Physical Therapy treatments into performance training programs to keep moving at their highest level. Over the years, our team has collectively worked with elite athletes from every major professional sport, including many Olympic sports, both in our facilities and off-site. In addition to our Doctor of Physical Therapy degrees, many members of our staff hold advanced Board Certifications, are Certified Athletic Trainers, and are Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists from the National Strength and Conditioning Association.