What We Believe

Since 2011, Performance in Motion has added value to elite and recreational athletes by helping them feel, move, and perform at their best through individualized, goal-driven Physical Therapy and Performance training. We combine the latest in manual therapy and movement correction approaches to deliver optimal results.

Our Principles

At Performance in Motion, we believe…

…that we are all athletes who thrive in sport and life when we take an active role to move at the best of our capabilities.

…repetitive movements and sustained postures result in tissue and neurological adaptations, poor movement patterns, physical stress to our body, and eventual injury.

…excellent care centers around the athlete through direct, one-on-one attention, a comprehensive evaluation, an accurate Movement System diagnosis, and an individualized plan of care.

…Physical Therapists are lifespan practitioners and experts in the Movement System who add value to their athletes through positive relationships, intentional communication, and building a culture of collaboration and teamwork.

…Movement occurs along a spectrum from simple isolated movements to more complex, activity-specific movements, and should be systematically progressed throughout the rehabilitation process.

…in creating a clean, safe, healing environment and showing respect and dignity to everyone always regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, nationality, sexual-orientation, or socioeconomic status.

…in being active members of our local and professional communities, making a positive impact through advocacy, education, and service.

What is the Movement System?

*Adopted from the Washington University in St. Louis – Program in Physical Therapy

Movement is a key component to each of us performing at our best in sport and daily life. The Movement System is the collection of physiological organ systems that interact to move the body or its component parts. In 2013, the American Physical Therapy Association identified Physical Therapists as experts in the movement system, adopting the vision statement, “Transforming society by optimizing movement to improve the human experience.” 

At Performance in Motion, we embrace this unique professional identity and have placed the movement system at the core of our methodology for treating athletes, enhancing performance, and educating others. Through evaluating and diagnosing specific movement system syndromes, we are able to develop and deliver rehabilitation and exercise programs that tailor to our athlete’s specific needs and goals, resulting in peak performance, injury prevention, and career longevity.

The Movement Spectrum

A framework for Movement Professionals

Human movement occurs along a spectrum from basic, isolated movements to complex, activity-specific movements. Movement professionals work to enhance the Movement system through evaluating and optimizing movement throughout the Spectrum, allowing athletes of all levels to thrive in sport and life.

The Movement Spectrum allows Physical Therapists, Performance coaches, and all other movement professionals a framework to both systematically build up and break down complex movements to their component parts. At Performance in Motion, we believe that a proper Movement System diagnosis combined the with the framework of the Movement Spectrum is a recipe for sound clinical decisions, effective program design, and optimal results.