What We Do

From traditional Physical Therapy to elite Performance training, our programs are designed to meet each athletes’ specific needs. As a center for learning, we offer continuing education seminars and clinical-based educational opportunities for rehabilitation and performance professionals.

Physical Therapy


Whether you are just out of surgery or struggling with repetitive use injuries, our experienced team will listen, evaluate, design, and deliver a customized Physical Therapy plan of care that includes the most effective combination of manual and movement-based therapy approaches to get you moving at your best and reaching your specific goals.  Through a thorough, standardized movement evaluation, we work with our athletes to diagnose their underlying movement system dysfunction and focus our treatments on the root cause of their specific musculoskeletal pain syndromes.  Our one-on-one, individualized model redefines Physical Therapy in the Chicago-land area and provides athletes from all ages, areas, and abilities the time and attention needed to take an active role in their care and get the results they deserve.

Performance Training


Regardless of age, level, or sport, optimal movement and training prepares athletes for healthy, productive, and successful careers.  Through combining science-based training and recovery principles, we design customized performance training programs to help athletes transition back from an injury or simply get stronger, faster, or more powerful for their season.   Whether coming for a week-long training camp or an entire off-season, we systematically train and educate athletes from all over the world through individual or small group sessions, and work closely with their teams, coaches, agents, and medical professionals to get them feeling and performing at their best.

Pelvic Health Physical Therapy


The pelvic floor is the group of muscles attached to your pelvis that runs from the pubic bone to the coccyx bone. It functions to provide support for the pelvic organs including the bladder, rectum, and reproductive organs, providing stability of the core and pelvis, and maintaining urinary and fecal incontinence. While pelvic floor issues may be common, they are not normal, nor inevitable, and can be helped. Pelvic floor PT can help with pelvic floor pressure/heaviness/pain, painful intercourse, urinary urgency/frequency, constipation, urinary or fecal incontinence, reducing the risk of prolapse, increasing control over your labor and delivery, and much more that can be caused by weakened, overactive, uncoordinated, or injured pelvic floor muscles. Following a movement assessment and pelvic floor examination, our Pelvic Health PT, Colleen Lind PT, DPT, will diagnose your pelvic floor dysfunction and provide comprehensive care to help you achieve your individual goals.

Active Recovery


The cumulative physical stress placed on our bodies through the rigors of training and sport often results in¬†poor performance, repetitive injuries, and pain syndromes. ¬†We combine progressive manual therapy techniques and modalities with individualized, diagnosis-driven, corrective exercise and dynamic stretching to accelerate our¬†athlete‚Äôs natural healing response. ¬†As a result, our unique¬†program aims to speed up recovery, restore homeostasis in the movement system, reduce injury potential, and optimize performance. ¬†We blend the¬†very best in Eastern and Western medicine while integrating sound physiological healing principles through techniques such as vacuum therapy, dry needling, ASTYM¬ģ, fascial stretch therapy, and therapeutic soft tissue mobilization, while educating our athletes in independent techniques for self care, warm-up and cool down regimens.



Through both continuing education seminars and clinical-based educational opportunities, Performance in Motion (PIM) is a learning center for medical and performance professionals in the US and throughout the world.  PIM is a clinical education site for graduate Physical Therapy students as a part of their formal clinical rotations.  Our educational seminars cover our eclectic approach to evaluating and enhancing the movement system across the entire spectrum of movement, from rehabilitation to performance.  We have had the pleasure of teaching in universities, hospitals, conferences, and clinics both domestically and internationally, and look forward to hosting more seminars and mentorship weeks both in our Chicago facilities and abroad in the future.  Please stay tuned to our social media and What’s New page for upcoming educational opportunities at PIM.

Off-Site Support


Our Physical Therapy, Performance Training, and/or Active Recovery methodology and support can be brought to teams, federations, or individual athletes for consultation, education, or direct athlete care.  We have had the honor to support athletes on-site both in their homes and at numerous events throughout the world including the NBA preseason, combine, and playoffs, MLB spring training, the Olympic Summer games, World and National Championships in Athletics & Tae Kwon Do, National Federation training camps, and multiple ATP events including all four Grand Slam tournaments.  Please contact us for details.