We are thankful to have partnered with many amazing athletes and medical professionals over the years and are pleased that so many have become strong advocates for what we do. We are honored to share some of their testimonials here.

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Melissa Stockwell

Former US Army Officer / 3x World Champion & Bronze medalist Paralympic Triathlete

“Heading into the 2016 Rio Paralympic games I needed to make sure my body was in top form so I could compete at my highest potential. Robbie and Jacob treated me like family as they worked to make sure my body could take the demands of my training program. My goals became their goals and they made an individual care plan to make sure I was successful. Success was achieved with a bronze medal win in Rio and I am forever grateful to the PIM team!”

Paul C.

Attorney/Fitness enthusiast

“What amazed me about working with Jacob was his ability to explain to me the basis for my knee issues resulting from imbalances in other areas, with specific examples as a result of testing various other muscle groups. I've worked with a lot of Physical Therapists and trainers, and Jacob is by far the most effective in not only pinpointing the issues, but explaining it to me so I can understand them. I now understand not just why one imbalance leads to other issues, but precisely how and what I can do to work on limiting further damage.”

Ken Croner

Performance Coach/Owner - Munster Sports Performance

“I feel very fortunate to be able to send my athletes to Performance in Motion. There is no one better in the Performance Physical Therapy field. The team is extremely knowledgeable and they always go out of their way to accommodate the athlete. The team at PIM is extremely humble and display tremendous character in all that they do. It truly is a pleasure working with them.”

Michael Finley

NBA Veteran, Champion, and 2x All-Star

“The professional care that I received from the PIM team was championship quality. It was a sincere concern for my well being, not only as an athlete, but as a person as well. Great and successful rehab experience!”