Welcome Colleen! PIM takes a Big Step in Supporting Women Athletes

movement system pelvic health pelvic health physical therapy performance physical therapy postpartum prenatal wellness Apr 17, 2024

PIM not only hit the Physical Therapy Jackpot, but also took a big step in their ability to support Women Athletes of all levels and life stages with the addition of Colleen Lind (she/her) PT, DPT, and Certified Pelvic Health Physical Therapist through the American Physical Therapy Association’s Academy of Pelvic Health, to our team. Bringing her expertise in Pelvic Health and related orthopedic conditions along with a wealth of experience in addressing the Movement System, Colleen is a true game changer in the Physical Therapy and Performance worlds, and her positive impact will be felt by Women Athletes in the Chicago-land area for years to come.

Colleen graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Human Health Science from the University of Kentucky and a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Washington University in St. Louis. She blends her extensive background in sport and orthopedic care and her certifications in pelvic health to best support the Women Athlete from head to toe throughout their lifespan. Colleen has special interests in sport and fitness, as well as pregnancy, postpartum, and far beyond. She utilizes her expertise in human movement to diagnose and treat a variety of orthopedic and pelvic health related impairments.

Performance in Motion recognizes the unique challenges that Women Athletes face in the sports-world and the large gap in access to not only fully accessible, safe, and inclusive facilities, but trusted and experienced experts that can best address their specific needs. The addition of Colleen to our team is a huge step toward making Performance in Motion a destination for Women athletes of all ages, levels, and life stages to receive the support then need and deserve. She strongly believes that everyone should have access to pelvic health care and is committed to making this goal a reality.

Colleen will be a key member of our team at our upcoming PIM West facility in Westmont, IL. Opening in May of 2024, we look forward to the positive influence she will have on our methodology, our team, and every athletes she will support in the Chicago-land area and beyond. If you are interested in or have questions about our Pelvic Health Physical Therapy program, are interested in a Prenatal Physical Therapy visit, or are an active mom needing support with a return to exercise, or are an athlete of any age or ability who simply wants to get back to feeling and moving at your very best, please email us at [email protected] to connect with Colleen and our team at Performance in Motion. Big things are ahead for sure!