Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Apr 08, 2019

“When the whole team is working towards the same goal, the athlete always wins.” These words were taken from one of our previous blogs, written by Jacob Brueck, as he touches on collaboration. At Performance In Motion, we enjoy working with professionals from all over the health and performance industry to better serve the athlete. We developed PIM Huddle to be a meeting of the minds, so to speak. Where we can meet routinely to discuss, learn, and grow alongside our peers in the industry with the understanding that we are all on one team. We believe that a team approach will truly provide the best support for the athlete in reaching their goals.

Team success requires humility, respect, and communication.


Individual egos have to be set aside by each member of the team. We have to remember that the goals of that athlete are the main priority. At Performance In Motion, we pride ourselves in our knowledge of movement and are constantly striving to become experts of movement. But we also surround ourselves with great people who are passionate about helping others and push us to another level. We would be doing our athletes a disservice if were to close our minds to only our ways.

“None of us is as smart as all of us.” –Ken Blanchard


Personal trainers, group fitness instructors, physicians, surgeons, massage therapists, skills coaches, team coaches, dieticians, sports psychologists… the list goes on and on. We have collaborated with all of these different professions and have the utmost respect for what they can bring to the table. There are many different moving parts to a great team and every part meets a specific need. Yes, some of these professions may seem to overlap and may even use some of the same tools. A surgeon and a chef both use a knife but accomplish very different things with it. Even within professions, there are people with different backgrounds, education, and experience. For example, on Team PIM, Cam Jadali, is our Neurologic Clinical Specialist. The athlete with neurological involvement only wins when Cam’s expertise is a part of their care. We must respect what each person can bring to the table.


Communication is key. It is the thing that brings everyone together on the team. On a football team, there is communication before each play. This is called the “huddle”. All members of the team come together and talk about how they are going to execute the next thing. With great communication, the team succeeds and everyone wins. We are constantly communicating with the team of health and performance professionals surrounding our athletes on how they are doing in sessions with us. That way the continuum of care is seamless and everyone knows what the next play is.

We are excited to keep the conversation going and look forward to continued collaboration through the PIM Huddle! Be on the look out for details!


Author: Jyron Aparri PT, DPT, ATC